Is TEMU Shopping App Is Fake ? TEMU app review

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Is TEMU app fake

In the digital age, skepticism abounds, especially when it comes to online platforms. One such platform that has faced its fair share of scrutiny is the TEMU shopping app. TEMU app came up with a strong marketing campaign, which led us in doubt if TEMU shopping app is fake?

Despite claims that TEMU may be fake, a closer look reveals that this popular shopping app is indeed legitimate and offers a valuable service to its users. Moreover, people are searching for TEMU app review on the internet before buying. So let us dig into the topic of if TEMU shopping app is fake.

TEMU shopping app Fake ?

One of the primary concerns regarding the legitimacy of TEMU is the fear of scams and fraudulent activities. However, it is important to note that TEMU has stringent security measures in place to protect its users. The app utilizes secure payment gateways to ensure that transactions are safe and encrypted, minimizing the risk of fraud. You might like my previous post regarding if Dubai is SCAM free.

Initially, I downloaded the app for checking its authenticity and bought few items, actually a lot of items for myself. Mode of payment is cash on delivery as I do not want to share my card details with any party. You can download the app from below affiliate link to get discount coupon upto 400 AED.

Download TEMU app -400 AED discount coupon.

TEMU app review

To be very honest, its very addictive shopping app. It keeps offering the discounts and coupons and ultimately your window shopping turns into actual shopping. I have bought multiple items and I can say its value for money is worth.

I started initially with small items like USB light, Mop hangers, small toy cars, etc.

Furthermore, TEMU has a robust customer support system in place to address any concerns or issues that users may encounter. From tracking orders to resolving disputes, TEMU’s customer support team is dedicated to providing assistance and ensuring a positive shopping experience for all users.

If the items received is not upto your expectation you can request refund. The best part is you can keep the items without actually returning to them, and they will still refund your money in credit wallet if its cash payment, or return the money to your card.

Another indication of TEMU’s legitimacy is its extensive range of products and services. From fashion and electronics to home appliances and groceries, TEMU offers a diverse selection of items from reputable sellers. Additionally, TEMU’s user-friendly interface and intuitive search functionality make it easy for users to find what they’re looking for, further enhancing the app’s credibility.

You can also try with few small items like wallet, phone cover, kitchen items etc.

Try this new user link for phone cover at AED 4 only.

Additionally, TEMU’s social integration and personalized recommendations are indicative of a legitimate platform. By allowing users to share products with friends and family on social media and offering tailored recommendations based on user preferences, TEMU enhances the shopping experience and builds trust with its users. I will be posting soon the list of items you can buy, please subscribe for latest posts.


In conclusion, the notion that TEMU shopping app is fake is unfounded. With its secure payment gateways, dedicated customer support, extensive product range, and user-friendly interface, TEMU is a legitimate platform that provides a valuable service to its users. Instead of dismissing TEMU as fake, it is important to recognize the app’s contributions to the e-commerce landscape and its commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable shopping experience. Its better alternative to Amazon.


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