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Facebook Ad Campaign

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It is almost Eid season around the corner. People are looking for new clothes and gifts for their friends and family.

Undoubtedly, everyone wants the latest and unique items when it comes to gifts. The best way to target such an audience is by FaceBook Ad Campaign.

The answer is the Facebook ad campaigns via Digital Marketing

If you are looking to target a huge audience in a short amount of time, social media is the way to go, more specifically, Facebook. The reason I say this is because, on social media platforms, you can easily target the correct audience for your product/website without doing a whole lot of work.

Facebook lets you create a product catalog so that you can sell your products through a shop right from your Facebook page. You can do that by setting up a shop in the Facebook catalog. All you need to do is create a Commerce Manager account here.

Follow the steps and set the type, add the business information that it asks and connect your Facebook page and your business account.

Undoubtedly you need to link your domain with your business account. After verification of ownership of your domain, you can set up your online shop. Add products from your excel sheet or add manually.

Once you have successfully added the product(s) you sell to your account and have linked the account, you can easily up your Facebook ad game. You can now post dynamic ads for your products.

Facebook Ad Campaign- Dynamic Ads

The dynamic product ad lets you target those people who have visited your website previously and allows you to show them ads based on the products they searched or saw while surfing your website. This is the reason when you have searched a product on Amazon; you see an ad of the exact product with some special offers or coupons when you are casually surfing Instagram, liking a pic of your crush.

In case you are wondering what Dynamic ads look like. You can take the help of the SEMrush tool, which will help you spy on your competitor’s ads. Now there are countless such tools in the market, but this is the best tool that provides you the best information


Seasonal ad campaigns differ from your general ad campaigns. Seasonal campaigns are not about A/B testing your ads; it is about making use of available information and then retargeting the audiences who recently visited your website/product.

For example, suppose a person named X visits your website, he surfs your website but doesn’t buy anything; in such a case, you can send him a personalized offer like free delivery. And suppose this same person visits again, and this time he adds a few items to the cart but doesn’t buy anything, again. Now, what you can do instead of showing him the same offer. You can send him an offer or a 10% or 20% discount on the product(s) he selected.

Now, while doing so, keep two things in mind; first that exclude buyers from your list, you don’t want your existing customers to think left out; this might affect your user base. And second, make sure that you start giving out these offers to the right person at the correct stage of the funnel.

Once you start managing your clients it will help you grow your business eventually.


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