What is Call To Action?

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What is Call to Action

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Call To Action ( CTA )

If you are a business owner or social media buff, you might have come across these simple words – Call to Action.Undoubtedly there are many factors play a role in determining the success or failure of your online presence.

In this post, you will get a brief idea about CTA’s work to ensure the high performance of your paid campaign. With this post, you will be able to create a powerful Call to action that bring real results. Not only it will help you to bring results but also improve your website’s conversion rates.

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What is Call To Action?

Google it, and you will get a bunch of answers and the best SEO article will be on the top. So in simple language Call to Action button is basically you are tempting your visitors to take action. Call-to-Actions are short phrases that prompt your online visitors to take immediate action. In the context of a website, they are most often clickable texts, images, or buttons that encourage site visitors to follow your site’s invitation and perform a certain act, like downloading files, purchasing products, subscribing to a service, signing up as members, contacting your staff, starting a trial, and more.

Why Call To Action?

The role of the CTA is to entice visitors to take that final step and click to complete that action. That’s how CTAs have a direct impact on your entire website’s success. Strong, persuasive CTAs get you higher sales, more followers, wider exposure, and whatnot.

How To Create Strong Call to Action

Define Your Goals

The first step to perfecting your call-to-actions takes you to the very core of your online presence. You need to have a clear understanding of your goals. Let’s put it this way: Why are you setting up a website to begin with? What are you hoping to achieve? The answer to this question would determine how you use CTAs.

Your goal and the action that you are calling for correspond to each other. If, for example, your site’s goal is to advance your life coaching service, the action you will be prompting would be scheduling an appointment, and the CTA might read something like: “Book Your First Session Here” or “Schedule a Free Consultation.”

In some cases,you might be interested in directing site visitors to do more than one thing. For instance, you want them to both purchase one of your products and like your Facebook page. In this case, you will have more than one CTA on the site and you will need to prioritize them.

KYC – know your customer

Knowing what you want to achieve is one thing, but you won’t get far if you neglect to consider the wishes and needs of your audience. What are they doing on your site? are hoping to accomplish? What tone of voice and what kind of vocabulary appeals to them?

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If you get a sense of what motivates your audience you will placeCTA more effectively. Don’t be afraid to look at what the competitors are doing. You can learn plenty from other people’s successes or failures.

More appealing

CTA needs to be very appealing and clearly visible. To make it more appealing you need to focus on colour scheme, size ,and its location.

Your color palette should make the CTA stand out. Obviously, you don’t want to blind your site visitors with clashing colors,but you do need a contrast that helps the CTA to stand out on the page. In addition, think about which colors to use in order to evoke specific emotions from people.

Where you choose to place the CTA can have all the impact on its performance. The guiding principles are that CTAs should be located in prominent spots; that the space surrounding them should be free of clutter; and that they are not competing with other buttons in the area over clicks. The CTA usually follows content that prepares the ground for it.

For example below button

Short and clear

This is not the place for witty observations or lively descriptions of the benefits you promise. CTAs are brief and to the point. They describe the action in a straightforward manner – Download Your Copy, Register for a Free Trial, Buy This, Sign Up and Get $5Off, Reserve Your Seats, etc.

Don’t forget, though, that the CTAs are just that final step in a process. Your site’s design, the images that decorate it,and the textual content that you publish on it all provide the atmosphere, the information,and the motivation to follow your call-to-action, while the CTA is there to give it a final push.

User friendly language

Undoubtedly,user friendly language makes your visitor more comfortable. For an instance , Dubbizle in UAE uses ” Yalla ,lets go ” which makes it more friendly for the arabic speakers. This type of explicit invitation increases people’s motivation to follow your CTA and complete the action. It puts the focus on them and their decision and strengthens their confidence in the choice to click onwards.

Right Verbs

Similarly to the use of power-verbs, adding a sense of urgency strengthens the CTA’s impact. A powerful CTA motivates site visitors to take immediate action, not to think things over and probably forget all about your site. Adding words like “Now,” “Here” “ “Today” to your CTAs helps to prompt quick reactions. Other phrasings that elicit this type of determination are: “Get Instant Access,” “Grab Limited Discount Code” or “Take Advantage of Our Best Deal Ever.”

Give freebies

When you’re asking your site visitors to do something for you, you better be willing to do something for them in return. With an abundance of options and information available online, web users have the power to consider costs and benefits and make informed decisions. If you want CTAs to appeal to that mindset you need to make sure the value that you are offering is clear, and that it actually appeals to your group.

For example, CTAs like “Start My Free Trial,” “Create Your Own Blog” or “Download Straight to Your Device” all offer a certain incentive that allows visitors to visualize what they are getting out of this deal.

Simple site format

This article focuses specifically on the art of creating CTAs, but just as important is the art of creating a good CTA environment. Even the perfect CTA will fail if the site that surrounds it does not lead visitors towards completing the action.

Apart from site format, site should load real quick . Sometime the CTA button lags due to site speed. You can increase your site speed manually.

I suggest to use fast and responsive theme for better user experience.

Test and Improve

After tracking and measuring your CTAs’ performance, you have the knowledge required to experiment, compare and improve various call-to-action schemes. Your analysis may show you that some colors bring in more clicks than others, or that the phrasing “Buy Now” is more effective than “Purchase Now.” Keep track of your different tests to better understand what triggers action with your target audience and continue to improve your CTAs accordingly.


So lets conclude this topic for improving CTA. It is again one more important topic to learn in Digital Marketing. Hope you enjoyed the article , I encourage you to share this with your friends and family.


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