Is Dubai Scam Free?

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Is Dubai Scam Free

This indeed a very serious concern for the people who are planning to visit Dubai, Is Dubai Scam Free? No matter if you are coming for Jobs in UAE or on a 7 Days Short Dubai Visit, it is important to know about Dubai, especially when it comes to Scams.

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Dubai Scam Free or NO ?

Undoubtedly, Dubai is land of opportunities and provides a best lifestyle compared to other countries. According to World Bank UAE population is about 9.8 million ,while most of it is comprised of expats.

Refer to Guidelines on Travelling Safely

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About 88.5 % of the population is of Expats. Out of which Indian shares a major number of about 2.67 Million. While Pakistan is second which contributes about 12.69 % of the total population , i.e 1.21 million.

UAE Population Statistics: 2018 (Infographics)
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Global Media Insight – Dubai Web Design Company

Considering the huge population it is really difficult to have a scam free life. Most of the scams are done by the expats in UAE. UAE government is very vigilant about all scams and provides maximum security.

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Dubai is scam-free unless you get scammed :

Yes, Dubai is scam-free unless you get scam. There are many ways you can be scammed in UAE. Due to Digitalization in this modern world, people can scam you from any corner of the world. It is very easy these days to create a Fake Social Media presence and misleading deals for all.

Types of Scam in Dubai:

Traveling Membership: They claim to provide you with discounted rates for staycation throughout the year or a dedicated number of days by becoming their members. Refer to the article on Gulf News -Holiday scam

Lottery: This type of scam claims that you have won a lottery and we have to pay certain amounts to claim the price.

Credit Card: They claim that your credit card has been blocked and in order to unblock their link and follow the instructions. Undoubtedly these are fake messages with scamming links.

Job Offer : This is very common scam in UAE as most of the people desire to live in best country -UAE. Not only freshers falls into the trap but also experienced candidate also suffers.

Fake Product Scam: This type of scam involves discounted products which undoubtedly is a copy product.

Typical Fake Product Ads on Facebook !

How I got scammed!

Even I was scammed by a travel company ” Yez Dreams Loyalty Card Service “. I visited Sharjah Expo Center during the Ramadan Night sale and filled in some details for a raffle draw. Ultimately it was their modus operandi of collecting details for visitors.

Subsequently, after a few days, I got a call from one travel company claiming that I have won the gifts and discount coupons. They invited us to collect the coupon and gave a small presentation for their membership.

Undoubtedly I took a calculated risk of 10,000 AED and ask them to book an immediate trip to Thailand. They agreed to book it on an immediate basis but unfortunately, I didn’t get the flight on the desired date so had to change my itinerary to Georgia.

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Everything went well in Georgia, and later I wanted to book the tickets for Salalah, Oman. I emailed them but there was no response. Apart from this I tried calling them but no one was answering. I decided to go to their office and realized that I have been scammed.

I tried to gather more information and visited their Facebook Page, and found a lot of other victims.

How To Avoid Scam :

After being a victim I have decided not to fall prey to such scams again. And I am trying to warn others too. Sometime back I was in Sharaf DG and a lady asked me if I can take a part in the survey. I was very blunt and asked her who are you and is she from Sharaf DG. She was from some credit card company and just wanted to collect data. So before providing any details to anyone ask them about their company name and identity card.

  • Do not click on suspicious links.
  • Don’t share your details in any unofficial surveys.
  • Do not leave your contact details on social media.
  • Buy from the official website.
  • Cross-check domain of the sender.

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Apart from this you can send SMS to your telecom provider for blocking third party SMS.

Simply send “ball” to 7726 for blocking all the third party SMS.

Conclusion :

Hope you enjoyed the article, I encourage you to share it with your friends and family. Sharing is caring and you can save them from a scam. Rest stay safe and learn more about Digital Marketing so that you can be aware of all new technology.


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