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Best Driving School In Dubai-Tips To Get Driving License in First Attempt In Dubai

It was a lazy week for me, I couldn’t complete my weekly target as I had to Replace my Car Battery. Fortunately, I have two days weekly off so that I can post on my blog. Today I am writing about the Best Driving School in Dubai. I came to UAE in 2013 end and people scared me about getting a driving license and their failure. But let me tell you my story about getting a driving license and selecting the Best Driving School in Dubai in easy steps mentioned below.

If you are planning to Get a Job in UAE, you should not miss out How to Get a Job in UAE. Once you get a job in UAE next big thing is to get a driving license. So this post will help you to find the Best Driving School in Dubai.

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Why the Best Driving School

Driving License is your key to many opportunities in the UAE. Many of them consider driving license equivalent to Ph.D. The UAE driving license holds very strong value as it can be used in 50 foreign countries. Unfortunately, thousands of experienced drivers have failed the driving test several times before obtaining their licenses. Nonetheless, the RTA road test is not as difficult as portrayed and it is very possible to pass this test at the first attempt if you choose wisely the Best Driving School.

P. S this is my personal experience and not a sponsored post.

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The Best Driving Scool: Belhasa,Al Jadaf

Once you are in UAE and planning to get a license there are a lot of options available. Options such as –

  • Dubai Driving Center
  • Drive Dubai
  • Al Ahli Driving Center
  • Emirates Driving Institute
  • Galadari Motor Driving Center
  • Belhasa Driving Center

My roommate recommended me for Belhasa Driving Center, Al Jadaf. It was one of the best decisions to listen to my roommate’s recommendation. Not only it helped me to save money but also saved my time. You might be interested in Top 10 Time Management Tips.

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Belhasa Driving Center is available in various locations but the Al Jadaf Center is preferred because they teach you on the same route of your final road test. The route includes the Al Jadaf area surrounding Latifa Hospital. While taking your driving classes you will be familiar with the routes and traffic flow.

Steps to Get Driving License :

Register :

Based on your profession you might need NOC from your sponsor for getting a driving license. Once you get the NOC, register online, or offline for opening your file.

Classes :

Once you open your file, you will need to give a small assessment test and pass the theory exam. Yes, you heard it right, for obtaining a license you need to give a theory exam MCQ based. A small assessment test will decide how much driving class is required. Each class will cost you about 60 to 100 AED and the final amount will be based on your total classes.

Test :

Once you finish your classes, there will be a series of tests including parking tests, yard tests, and final road tests. Step by step you can clear it and finally be ready for the final road test. Based on your test you will get a driving license on the same day.

So the final amount of your driving license will be based upon your classes and number of attempts. For me, I cleared it in my first attempt and the total expenditure was about 5000 AED /- Total Duration was 3 months to get a driving license on first attempt

How To Get There ?

I used to travel using a taxi, bus, and metro before getting a driving license. You can either choose the bus for the entire journey or you can switch bus and metro. A taxi will be expensive considering the total amount for the entire duration. Read the safety travel manual before getting there.

Al Jadaf Metro is the nearest station for reaching Belhasa Driving school. Once you get down at the metro station RTA bus C04 is available every 30 minutes which will drop you to the school. After completing the classes you can board RTA bus for Dubai Healthcare Metro station and continue your journey accordingly.

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Tips For Passing RTA Driving Test

  • Select 12.30 p.m class time as during this time there is less traffic flow
  • Adjust the mirrors and seat before beginning the test
  • Be confident and do not panic as the examiner monitors your emotions as well during the test
  • Wear a seat belt and check your fellow passengers for the seat belts
  • Check the handbrake and put the car into gear before commencing the drive
  • Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you
  • Check the mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes and entering the main road
  • Slow down at the roundabout
  • Ensure you are driving in the center of the lanes
  • Shift to low-speed lane before taking the U-turn
  • Do not forget to shift gear in “P” after parking and pull hand break
  • Follow the speed limit
  • Check your side mirror and center mirror every 10-15 seconds

Hope you liked the article, please let me know your doubt in the comment section and I will respond to you . Also, share it with your friends and family so that they can clear the RTA driving test on first attempt.


I am very happy to assist anyone who is looking for more information. This is my personal preference and experience. I used to live in Bur Dubai so it was very convenient for me to travel by metro. Based on your location you can choose your preferred institute. But I am sure you can get the license in the first attempt if you follow all the above steps. Once you get your license you can check out my blog for Best Budget Car to Buy.


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