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Tips To Increase Google AdSense Earning Steps To Improve Google AdSense Earning Types Of Ads On Googe AdSense How To Fix Ads.txt On Site

Hope you are doing well and charged up to read about How To Increase Earning From Google AdSense. Google AdSense sometimes takes a long time to review your website for showing ads. And some times it is approved at the very first attempt. Hope you implemented the verification code on your site properly. If not you can check out the steps for How To Apply for Google AdSense

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Earning From Google AdSense

Earning money from Google AdSense is one of the famous ways of earning money online apart from other modes of Monetizing your blog. Google AdSense is a program run by Google through which website owners can show Google Ads. Google Ads show advertisements from Google Network in the form of text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements. Undoubtedly all these ads are targeted to the site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google.

Types of Ads On Google AdSense

Once you receive the good news from Google AdSense try to Implement ad codes across your site. In order to show ads on your approved site you have two options :

  1. Auto Ads: This type of Ad offer a simple way to monetize your content. For Auto ads, you need to place one piece of code on all pages across your site. Auto ads will then scan your site and automatically place ads where they’re likely to perform well and potentially generate more revenue.
  2. Manual Ads: Undoubtedly the name suggests you have to put code manually.

Further more , manual ads have three types based on the their appearance.

  1. Display Ads: These Ads are display ads based on the size of your ad unit. There are two types of display Ads i.e Fixed and Responsive. Responsive ads automatically adapt their size to fit your page layout and your users’ devices. While fixed ads are predetermined at the time of code implementation.
  2. In-article Ads: In this, you can style your ad as per your content. Based on your desire size save the code and put it on your site.
  3. In-Feed Ads: In-feed ads are a copy of your site feed style. Google Adsense scans your site and suggests the placement. Apart from this, you can manually select the style.

Steps to Increase Earning From Google AdSense

How To Increase Earning From Google AdSense

  1. Google AdSense Code

    In order to increase your Google AdSense Earning, implement the code properly across your website. Sometimes the codes are deferred or removed by the plugins in order to speed up your website.

  2. Analyze Your Site Speed

    Once you implement the code analyze your site speed. Based on the parameters modify the Ad Type and optimize it.

  3. Fix Ad Type

    Disable Auto Ads if your website slow downs or doesnt show Ads.Auto Ads are based on design of your website and sometimes hampers the layout.

  4. Enter Code Manually

    Enter Google Ad Code manually in each post so that you can maintain the size and loading speed of your webpage.

  5. Increase Organic Traffic

    Avoid invalid traffic as Google AdSense is very sensitive about the traffic source. Your site might stop showing Ads if direct traffic source is more compared to organic.

Auto Ads vs Manual Ads on Google AdSense

Both Ads have their own advantages and disadvantages. If your website is new I suggest you to follow Manual Ads. Definitely, Manual Ads will not hamper your website speed and can be loaded easily. While Auto Ads is recommended if you have more than 50 to 60 organic visitors. Undoubtedly if you have More visitors means your website is already ranked on top and you don’t need to worry about the speed at this moment.

Check your website speed and visit How To Maintain Your Website On WordPress. Do not forget to maintain the speed of your website while maximizing your AdSense earning.

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Let’s conclude this topic about How To Increase AdSense Earnings. Furthermore, try to avoid direct traffic as Google will stop showing Ads on your sight. There are people who ask for clicking on Ads but it won’t help much as Google AdSense will ignore clicks from the same IP address. Hence, Learn Digital Marketing for Free so that you can be earned by fair means.


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